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Bridh Sewa Ashram & Charitable Society

Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji Said "EK PITA, EKAS KE HAM BARIK"

The Meaning of their line is that no body is homeless or alone in the world. We all are children of one GOD. Thus why someone sleeps on the roadside, or is hungry and needy.

Guru Nanak Anath Ashram & Charitable Society was established to by Sr. Surinder Singh with the blessings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They build a unique home to provide shelter to orphan kids and widow ladies to feel them like a home and family. Their motive was to turn their lives into a good nature and provide them all the better facilities so that they can turn ruin their lives by stepping into Promiscuous.

Now it is known as Bridh Sewa Ashram & Charitable Society. Mrs. Karamjit Kaur and all management committee members registered the asharam name with Bridh Ashram & Charitable Society.

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About Our Foundation

Meet the Founder President

Sr. Surinder Singh

Late Sr. Surinder Singh was a Kind heart person. They were too much worried about who don't have anyone in their lives and those situations pushed them into crime and other characterless habbits.
Sr. Surinder Singh left their soul in 19 Feb 2017.

Patron-President of Society

Mrs. Karamjit Kaur

Mrs. Karamjit Kaur is wife of Sr. Surinder Singh who left their soul in 2017. In the absence of their husband they hold the keys of charitable trust.
As an Widow, Mrs. Karamjit Kaur deeply understand the need of special people.

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